As Sokak Software, we draw strength from our nearly 12-year experience in web development. We develop solutions that make a difference for our partners in the technical and design-oriented software fields that require vertical expertise in different disciplines.



We use languages, tools and platforms that are most compatible with your needs and expectations for your web software development projects.

We ensure that the platforms and applications we develop are both high-performance, scalable and reliable, as well as simple, aesthetic and user-friendly. We use languages, tools and platforms that can provide the most accurate and fast answers to the needs of the projects. In addition, we carry out custom and unique UI/UX design works for you with local, mixed and precise designs.

With our agile teams with high technical knowhow, we are solidly building the road to our common goals.

In line with the agile approach we have adopted, we display a participative and proactive approach from the beginning to the end of the business processes. By keeping the control and approval mechanism active throughout the process, we are able to take timely and quick actions against the possible changes or risks. By managing all the processes transparently, starting from the software development stage, we provide background to your teams that will guide them through the oncoming processes as well. This way, we are able to achieve our common goals of “maximum time and effort savings”, “high-level quality” and “high investment return” in all our projects!

We structure your product development processes by integrating agile methodologies.

As the Sokak software team, we first start by internalizing your corporate culture in order to develop web software solutions that are suitable for your vision and goals. We focus on understanding you and your needs in all aspects, and we act with the goal of providing added value to your corporation from the very first day. We give priority for the applications and the platforms you offer to your users in order to create a lasting impression by fully reflecting you.

Software Development

We manage the front-end and back-end development works of the web products with constant testing and quality control steps starting from the first stage. Thus, we offer our partners solid and high-performance products. In addition, with the help of our flexible solutions, we make it possible to add new features to products that are in accordance with the user demands and changing market conditions.

MVP Development

With the Agile methodologies we’ve applied, we are introducing the web applications, to the market, as Minimum Viable Product (MVP), in order for our partners to gain a competitive advantage in their sectors. Thus, we increase the success rate with continuous improvements, in line with the feedback received, by moving the market release dates of the products to the earliest possible time.

Digital Transformation

Network and cloud-based technologies are rapidly replacing the traditional business models today. Therefore, the most important concepts that the companies should emphasize on today are “digital business”, “digital experience” and “digital transformation”. As Sokak software teams, we offer you the most appropriate solutions to guide your company’s digital transformation processes with the right technology and skill combinations we possess.

DevOps Transformation

Due to the DevOps systems we have specifically developed for your business needs, we make it possible for your company’s operations managers and software teams to work together and in harmony. Thus, we support the implementation of internal business processes in a much more efficient way by providing savings in both time and labor.

Maintenance & Repair

As Sokak teams, we still continue to provide the solutions we’ve offered in the field of web development even after the products are moved into the life cycle within the scope of the Service Level Agreement (SLA). After configuring the applications we have developed for a successful launching, we also guarantee to provide maintenance, updates, optimization and repair works on them.

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