Together with our expert engineers and team managers, we offer custom-made solutions by examining the needs of our customers in depth and using the most accurate project practices according to the definition, scope, goals and dynamics of the project. We also identify all the necessary work items and out-of-scope items that are specific to the project, so that we can draw the boundaries of the project at the very beginning of the road.

We create roadmaps tailored to the needs of our customers and develop end-to-end solutions by applying the best practices.

As the Sokak Software Project Management Office, we manage our turnkey projects in accordance with the Waterfall, Agile or Hybrid models so that the projects are suitable to our customers’ expectations. We display a transparent and proactive approach at every step by using our experience in different sectors and the best practices we have acquired. With our know-how capabilities and corporate memory, we aim to clarify all the critical and uncertain issues in the project from the beginning and/or minimize them by producing alternative solutions. Thus, we carry the level of service we offer to our customers to a higher level with each passing day.


We are constantly improving our team, specific to every project, for perfect a harmony and high satisfaction in business processes.

Instead of limiting our goal to just completing the initial scope of the project, we walk alongside our customers to achieve the most efficient results. From the first day we started the project; we quickly create the products (artifacts) and examine the samples together in order to determine all the steps and develop the product of our customers’ dreams. By creating mock ups, wireframes and prototypes and writing unit tests, we present each executed work as demos for evaluation. Thus, preventing rework possibilities more effectively as well as ensuring that our customers can closely follow the development of the products and guide the process correctly.


In line with our goal of foreseeable results and absolute success, we are in constant communication with our customers from the very first step.

With more than 15 expert colleagues in our Project Management Team, we aim to deliver the products to the structure expected of them in real life by developing them in accordance with time, budget and scope. For this reason, we give priority to assigning our teammates who can undertake the process in the best way possible when we are building our teams. We know that the way to success in the turnkey projects is to meet all the needs of the project stakeholders and to ensure communication and coordination among them! In this context, with our expert staff, we work to carry the satisfaction of our customer to the highest levels by ensuring that the risk management is carried out effectively.

”We are able to draw the boundaries of the project at the very beginning of the road!”

By determining all the necessary work items and out-of-scope materials specific to the product, we are able draw the boundaries of the project at the very beginning of the road. In this way, we prepare our project proposals to include all of the following items:

  • Scope Content, Restrictions and Assumptions
  • Out-of-Scope Content
  • Architectural Structure
  • Our Solution Methods and Alternatives
  • CI/CD Approach
  • Project Plan
  • Project Stages
  • Project Processes and Acceptance Stages
  • Maintenance Warranty Processes and Periods
  • Project Team Setups and Experiences
  • Proposal Figures and Details

Numerical Data and Statistics


Different Projects


Man/Day Project Experience


Experienced Project Managers


Years of Project Experience