With our expert teams and advanced open source technologies that we use, we automate the text-run processes and the reporting activities in a wide scope. In this way, while we ensure that the possible errors can be detected at the early stages, we are also able to save more than 90% of time and effort at the same time. We handle all your corporate needs in this area, in line with the Lean Philosophy where simplicity is essential.

Focus more on developing and optimizing your products by lightening your workload in test processes.

With the solutions provided by our Sokak Software Quality Control and Test Automation team, you can now manage your product development and optimization processes in a much faster and flawless way. Through automation, and independent of workforce, you can complete test processes in minutes, which may take a day under manual conditions, and in this way, you can increase the work diversity and efficiency of your IT teams.

Increase the traceability and performance of your projects with test automation programs that are compatible with agile business processes.

With CI/CD products such as the Jenkins, Bamboo, CircleCI, GitLab CI, TeamCity, etc., we support the execution of real-time and planned test automation and reporting processes on the Google Cloud, AWS and Azure cloud providers. By applying multiple test runs at the same time in different versions, we ensure that the results are reported automatically every night. For this reason, we adopt a working model based on Test Driven Development (TDD). We report the success rates of the tests as percentiles and provide outputs, in the nature of guidelines, by keeping log records of errors. We also create detailed breakdowns with screenshots, thus paving the way for much flawless and faster results in next steps.

Discover the satisfying results that the Lean Philosophy will create in your software development processes.

In line with the needs of the projects or the team, we determine the technology set, taking into account the team structuring and the experience levels. In addition to developing the software infrastructures of the unit, integration, API, GUI and performance tests in the most appropriate way, we are also providing support to corporations in the subject of design and development of test runs and reporting infrastructures/processes. Instead of a standard software cluster, we bring together the open-source-coded technologies/products that are suitable for the needs of the project/team, thus designing processes that will ensure maximum benefits.

We use many different technology products, as needed, in accordance with different test types.

• Unit Tests: JUnit, NUnit, xUnit, TestNG, Mockito, Jest, Enzyme, Karma, Jasmine, Mocha, Chai
• Integration Tests: JUnit, NUnit, TestNG, Mockito, Mocha, Chai, Jest, Jasmine
• API Tests: REST Assured, RestAssured.Net, RestSharp, SuperTEst
• GUI Tests: PhantomJS, Selenium, SikuliX
• Performance Tests: JMeter, k6 (Load Impact)


Start from the software testing phase for your goal of user-focused product development.

As the Sokak Software Quality Control and Test Automation team, though performance/load tests, we make it possible to regularly observe how and how fast the products respond to heavy traffic and thus have the necessary improvements, both on the infrastructure basis and at the code level, before the risks or error occur.

Numerical Data and Statistics


Man-Day Test Activities