Under the umbrella of Sokak Software, we undertake the solution partnership of many large-scale corporations that operate globally. In addition, we also offer a wide range of technology consulting services to companies that are at a start-up level and just stepped into the business world. With the digital roadmaps we have created by observing all the needs and expectations, we contribute to the stronger entry of the start-ups into target markets. We develop solutions that will bring our partners forward in many fields from architecture design to product development, from web and mobile application softwares to UI/UX design and data analysis!

Software Development

If you need customized new programs and systems for this, meet our expert software engineers. With our agile business model and proactive approach, get high return on investment while providing maximum efficiency in your software processes.

Infrastructure Development and Architectural Consulting

Infrastructure setup and optimization are among the most important needs of digital channels you offer for in-house or customer use. As Sokak Software, we provide infrastructure solutions specific to your company, by using the most advanced frameworks, with our infrastructure development and architectural consulting services.

Analysis and Test Engineering

Analysis and testing studies provide the key to successfully run the development and improvement processes. If you need support in this field for the software processes in your company, you can find the solutions you are looking for at Sokak Software. With our experienced staff in analysis and test engineering, you can secure your chance of success in your projects!

Visual Design and Experience

Even if you have implemented the latest technologies in your infrastructure and programs, you must know that the end users need more than that: Practicality and functionality… As Sokak Software, we aim to develop the best applications for you in terms of UI and UX design, with our knowledge in user experience and our innovative interface studies.