User experience (UX) and interface designs (UI), which are the most important factors that help digital products make lives easier, also play a decisive role in shaping the images of brands in the digital world. As Sokak Software Product & Experience Design Studio, we develop tailored-solutions for your business models and for your needs in the UI and UX areas. With our user-oriented design line that combines functionality and aesthetics, we contribute to strengthening your brand personality.

Take your digital presence to a whole new dimension with user-friendly and creative designs. 

In order for businesses to achieve sustainable success today, they need to offer innovative solutions with user-friendly design approach. And “UX and UI design” forms the most accurate response for this in the digital world. User experience and interface designs suitable for the target audience are among the most effective ways today for the business to gain a competitive advantage in the eyes of the end users. As Sokak Software Product and Experience Design Studio, we design unique experiences, with our expert product design team, suitable with the needs and business goals of the projects in this field.


Increase both your customer engagement and satisfaction of your digital products.

User experience (UX) represents an entire set of disciplines in which all the expectations and behaviors of the customers, with regards to the products or services, are evaluated. In line with the comprehensive studies we distinctively carried out for each project in this field as a corporation, we start our jobs by getting to know your customers as closely as you do. Within the scope of the roadmap we have achieved as a result of data-based analyzes, we develop designs in which all the processes can be carried out in the easiest and the fastest way. Thus, we aim to maximize the positive perception of your brand on the users and the sector!


Reflect your vision of the future on your digital products with the innovative UI designs.

The user interface designs of your digital products are the main factor that manages the perception about your business. With our expert designers, we contribute to strengthening your brand’s visibility and personality by designing user-friendly interfaces for your digital products. Along with the end-to-end services we provide in all processes, we can also offer solutions just for the requirements in the field of interface design depending on the needs of the project. In addition, we also setup design systems (including many components) that allow you to carry out the design development processes within the team.


Gain added-value to your institution in every field with the outputs we obtained in the design processes.

As a team, we are actively involved in all stages of the UX and UI processes. While directing our work, we create designs that will provide comprehensive guidance for your digital roadmap with the researches and analysis we carry out. At the last stage, we ensure added-value to your brand by providing your corporation with innovative and aesthetic digital products that meet all your expectations! You can contact us right now to evaluate together how we can support you according to your needs and expectations.

Discover and Understand

We focus on fully understanding the needs and targets of the corporations by organizing meetings with all the stakeholders. By analyzing the user experience, we determine the requirements and the development points.


In the research phase, where the basic outputs that guide the design process are obtained, we conduct studies on how and in which aspects the relevant digital product can be developed in addition to the existing findings. In this process, while identifying the existing problems, we act according to our qualitative and quantitative research by being data-focused. In addition to the outputs we’ve obtained in various fields from user experience to behavioral analysis, from competitor and sector analysis to trend research, we also conduct one-on-one meetings with the relevant people in the sector.


In the analysis step, we present the data, which we’ve obtained during the research phase, to the stakeholders in the project along with the outputs such as information architecture, persona, journey maps, user flows and user scenarios.


We implement our solutions during the design phase, in line with the data we’ve obtained during the research and analysis processes. In addition to the visual design and user experience studies throughout the application and development processes, we also take part in the creation of design systems, if requested.


During the testing phase, we monitor user behavior, at every stage, with low-fi and hi-fi prototypes, usability studies and A/B tests. In this direction, we achieve fast and high quality results by ensuring that the control and approval mechanisms are operating dynamically.