With our technical and academic knowledge in the fields of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), which direct the technologies of the future, we develop innovative solutions that provide the most accurate answers to the needs of the corporations. With the comprehensive work we carry out based on the available data, we automate the business processes of the corporations we work with, thus contributing to increase their efficiency even more! We customize our partners’ technological transformation processes to the future by providing end-to-end services in all of the following areas.

• Computer Vision
• Data Science
• Natural Language Processing (NLP)
• Simulation and Synthetic Data Generation

We make success a part of our business processes.

As the Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence team, we prioritize vertical specialization with both our academic and engineering perspectives. With the help of our wide range of software and architectural team, which consists of expert engineers who have received doctoral education at reputable universities in Turkey, we are able to implement, smoothly and efficiently, the ML and AI products which have higher risks compared to standard software products. In this way, we make it possible to gain the necessary know-how and experience in business processes long before the operation phase.


By providing service to our customers with the most advanced technologies, we make it possible for them to gain speed on the way to the future.

While we enable operations such as object detection, image segmentation and exposure estimation to be performed on the screens with computer vision technology, we are also able to create realistic and interactive models or environments through simulation and synthetic data generation. In addition, by means of data science, we enable the implementation of works such as forecasting, modeling and statistical analysis by creating systems that can be manually adapted according to work situations. With our competency in natural language processing (NLP), we lead the way in improvements of services such as voice assistant, text analysis and chatbot in various languages, especially in Turkish and English.

Computer Vision

With the solutions we provide in the field of computer vision, we have experience in all areas such as object detection, object localization, image segmentation, classification, exposure estimation and tracking on real images. We develop models that can detect small objects within the large-size images over the GPU memory, allowing them to be manually adapted according to the needs in the field.Among our prominent projects to date and offered as an open source, we also have an artificial intelligence video analysis service named SIVA which was developed for the computer vision library SAHI (Slicing Aided Hyper Interface) and the Sprongo ski/sports platform. With the autonomous sea vehicle Piribot, which we have developed as a part of our R & D studies, a more effective coastal detection can be achieved with the image segmentation models we use.

Simulation and Synthetic Data Genaration

For the areas where it is not entirely possible to obtain sufficient and high-quality data, we provide the opportunity to gain realistic experiences by using synthetic data generation and simulation technologies. In this way, we create a qualified training and preliminary preparation opportunities for building systems and operation field studies, by supporting the increase of field-dominance. In addition to being able to carry out object recognition and sample segmentation studies in widely used data formats such as COCO, we can also simulate outputs such as point cloud data or radar tracks with the additional modules we use. We can create interactive and kinematic models on objects by setting up different types of sensors and cameras for this purpose.

Natural Language Processing

We offer state-of-the-art solutions in the field of natural language processing (NPL) in order to develop services such as voice assistant and chatbots in various languages, mainly Turkish and English. We carry out data collection and cleaning processes by conducting our studies on neural network-based models or classic models. In addition, we are also able to obtain more advance outputs by using the web browsing technology. In this direction, we ensure that the needs are met in many areas, including text classification, sensitivity analysis, intent analysis, question detection, automatic question creation and the speaking feature. With our competency in this field, we can also obtain effective results in Turkish which is a rich language, in terms of morphologically and linguistically, due to its agglutinative nature.

Data Science

In addition to the advanced machine learning techniques developed in order to extract value from existing data, we carry out field-specific estimation, detection, optimization, analysis and modeling studies by using field information and statistical methods. We provide the opportunity to obtain the best results on the relevant work areas by developing models that can easily be manually adapted for potential problems, intended use and targets. Due to the emphasis we place on the analytical skills and learning abilities of our colleagues while establishing our team, we are able to develop effective solutions so that the various needs in different sectors and business lines can be fulfilled. Along with obtaining realistic and consistent outputs on issues such as sales, credit and supply-demand forecasting, we are also diversifying our services according to the specific areas such as the troubleshooting, malfunctions and malfunction locations of the radar systems.