Our main focus in product delivery processes is to provide satisfaction by fully meeting your needs and expectations… Therefore, we aim to develop the best possible products for your company by acting with the principles of adaptation, observation and transparency. We give priority to completing the mots value-added parts of the products at the earliest stages and doing this accurately. Due to our proactive structure and agile teams, we adopt a working model that is compatible with the existing and possible changes in the process.

We know that the most effective way to move you forward is to primarily ensure continuous developments within our own structure.

Throughout all product development processes, we primarily focus on strengthening the adaptation and control mechanisms within our team. We plan our team structure, resources and time especially for you and monitor the development of the projects via continuous inspections. In this way, we are able to present the best practices according to the conditions required by your company and your product. In addition, instead of focusing on one-sided development and success, we handle each stage of the process as “a set of methods where mutual progress is made”. For this reason, we simultaneously share with you all the outputs we receive, observing the principle of transparency.

We aim for the most accurate solutions with the effective communication and transparent processes.

We’ve established with our solution partners, we ensure the most productive results for what is needed. At the same time, we act with the motivation to provide the right products that the end user expects. For this, we are able to revise the scope again, if necessary, in line with the feedback received from the end users by making continuous deliveries throughout the process. Furthermore, we also guide corporations in their next steps with detailed reports we prepare on all stages.

Data-based time scheduling and quality-oriented delivery.

In line with the Agile Transformation Strategy, we adopt the evolutionary delivery model in order to complete your projects at the optimum speed and with the highest quality according to the current conditions. We are able to provide effective crisis management by quickly re-coordinating against possible disruptions. With the Agile Methodologies, which constitute our basic power source, we immediately intervene in all possible problems with your project and reduce them to a minimum. In this direction, we focus on early and continuously-working product deliveries. We do all this without compromising Sokak Software quality.

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