With our knowledge in digital transformation, omni-channel, creating e-commerce structure, product design and experience, we lead our customers to achieve their goals in their digital roadmaps. We are walking alongside our solution partners on the road that leads to the future of the insurance sector.

Bring your new projects to life with our experienced team that serves all the branches of insurance.

With our constantly improved technical and field knowledge, we provide services for individual and corporate needs in all branches of health, elementary, life, retirement and insurance. Thus, we are able to understand your goals and needs within your projects as well as you do. We share the same speed and passion as you, starting from the first step of your projects.

We help you reach your transformation goals with the Omni Channel.

We offer effective solutions for our customers operating in the insurance sector to achieve their targets for the omni channel marketing strategy. By integrating together, for in-house and for the customers, all the alternative distribution channels, we contribute to increasing their service quality and ensure that the service provided is both trouble-free and smooth.

We build advanced infrastructures that will bring together all the information collected from different digital channels into a form of significant wholes. By analyzing the customers who visit your digital channels and leave without continuing their transactions, we are able to determine the data that can turn into sales leads with the dynamic rule sets, and create a lead pool for your sales channels. Thus, contributing to achieving your transformation goals.

We provide services in different business models in line with your needs.

We provide solutions to Turkey’s largest and leading companies in the insurance sector within the scope of business models they need. While providing expert support to the IT departments of companies through team building, we carry out all the processes of the projects, from start to finish in the turnkey model, under the umbrella of Sokak Software. We also provide consultancy services to insurance companies in the areas of product delivery management, DevOps, corporate architecture, quality assurance testing and release-configuration management.

Steer the future of both your corporation and the industry with your new and renewed digital channels.

As Sokak Software, we enable our customers to expand their customer mass by selling the products in their product portfolio though digital channels such as mobile, web and web-based call center channels. At the same time, we shorten the processing time and develop software that will improve the experience of existing customers by automating the manual processes in digital channels. While constructing all these gains, we specify and implement the necessary transformation needs for the most suitable architectural structure possible without compromising our quality standards. We implement the new products by supporting them with the UI/UX designs that best suit customers’ needs, thus succeeding in works that will move our solution partners forward in the sector.

We also support marketing teams with campaign management modules.

With the campaign management modules we have developed, we enable corporations to easily build their campaign flows, thus reducing the workload in this area and providing corporations the opportunity to earn the highest income. With our dynamic (look & feel) and applicable (responsive-adaptive) designs, we make a difference in our customers’ campaigns that are specifically-defined for companies.

Software Development

We meet your needs for brand new software development, optimizing and transforming existing software with the most accurate and efficient solutions for you. We adopt a proactive approach in line with Agile Methodologies, and manage your software processes with the aim of highest quality, optimum speed and lowest error rates.

Infrastructure Development and Architechtural Consulting

The best and the smoothest way to continue your digital processes is to have strong infrastructures. For this reason, as Sokak Software, we answer our customers’ needs regarding their infrastructure installation and development works. We enable for you to establish your digital assets on solid foundations by using the most advanced technologies and framework/solutions in this field.

Analysis and Test Engineering

Monitoring the development process of your products and projects through all their stages is of great importance in order for you to take the right steps on time for your goals. With the analysis and test engineering solutions we offer as Sokak Software, we contribute to increasing your efficiency and success while reducing your loss of time and effort in this area.

Visual Design and Experience

The way your customers describe you has a close relationship with the amenities you offer to them. And this includes not only the services they receive, but also the transactions they perform. As Sokak Software, with our experience in the field of UX and our UI line that combines aesthetics with convenience, we ensure that your digital channels are much more stylishly designed and user-friendly.