Since our establishment in 2005, we, as Sokak Software, offer effective solutions to the finance sector by designing software systems that operate 24/7 non-stop, with our special knowledge, high coordination within and between teams and versatile experience in the field of banking!

Walk one step ahead of tomorrows with our expert solutions that provide answers to all the needs of your corporation.

The banking sector is our first and longest-running working area as Sokak Software. With our end-to-end expertise in this field, we have an equipped and competent team in the improvement of the existing assets of the corporation and in the product development processes from scratch. By adopting the projects of our partners as if they are our own, we always manage the processes with the priority of trust and satisfaction. We take firm steps towards the future for you by following the latest developments in the industry. In this direction, we unconditionally trust the solutions we will provide in turnkey projects and joint working models as well as in all of our consulting services. With the advantage of having the largest team in Turkey, we provide comprehensive and qualified services that you need in all areas of analysis, software, testing, installation and training.

We have a 12-year experience in infrastructure transformation processes that require intense effort.

Our architectural team consists of experienced engineers who can offer banks all the solutions they need for their infrastructure transformations. With this team, we fully meet all the needs of the corporations, from fundamental infrastructure transformations to micro-service and cloud transformations. We fully prepare the project’s work, duration, employee needs and roadmap in this area. In addition, according to the corporations’ preference, we can solely and completely undertake the management of the processes from start to finish, with the turnkey model.

We are with you in the legal compliance processes of your products and services to.

We are constantly developing our experiences in the field of banking not only in terms of technical but also a legislation know-how. In this direction, we actively carry out works during the process of legal alignment of the banks’ services and the products they own.


Staff with horizontal and vertical experience in all transactions, from the allocation and use of personal/commercial loans to loan follow-up processes…

Mobile Banking

Authority in writing software from scratch and in renewal processes within the individual and corporate mobile applications for a much more practical and faster experience…

Internet Banking

Complete digitalization of transactions and the user-oriented designs of the web platforms intended for internal and customer use…

Call Center & CRM

Comprehensive studies for branchless banking with simultaneous CRM management and with all the application/transaction processes of customers via IVR and IVN…

Investment Banking

Improving products and services that cover many areas from legal compliance processes to asset and return analysis…


Developing new products and software that are specific to banks and in line with the regulations of the CBRT (Central Bank of Republic of Turkey), CST (Central Securities Depository), CMB (Capital Market Board) and EFDPT (Electronic Fund Distribution Platform of Turkey)…

DWH & Reporting

Creating data warehouse and the automation of reporting processes for up-to-date corporate memory and for more practical operational processes…

ATM (Alternative Distribution Channels)

In addition to maintenance works, carrying out the process of adding new products and the competence in creating a platform again…

POS and Member Place of Business

Development of highly secured, fully integrated physical/virtual POS software and the management of member place of business collection processes…

Cash Management

Software for cash management products and the development of existing products for the digitalization of collection and payment processes…
Covers the brokerage operations for the collection and payment transactions based on the management of trade receivables and short-term payable items.

Basic Banking

Meeting digital requirements for all areas, from account opening transactions to deposit management, from transfer transactions to legal transfer processes…

Payment Systems

Improving new generation digital solutions for all payment transactions, except cash, such as card, contactless, digital wallet etc.

Numerical Data and Statistics

Software and Infrastructure (Framework Development)

Start discovering the difference of innovative and specially-developed frameworks in all the digital channels that are available or needed! With Sokak Software’ architectural competence in software and infrastructure, it is possible to get one step closer to the future…

Analysis and Test Engineering

If you think that the Test Driven Development (TDD) is the best solution to implement the products and the projects that will take your corporation forward, you are at the right place! With nearly 100 field experts who are experienced in banking, Sokak Software offers advanced solutions for all your needs in the analysis and test engineering areas.

Program and Portfolio Management

If you have a large structure that spreads globally or across the country, it means you have many strategic goals. With its Program and Portfolio Management service, Sokak Software constructs an advanced system for your corporation where all the processes can be managed simultaneously.

SDLC / DevOps

In order to adapt to the rapidly changing dynamics of the software word, you have to make continuous updates and improvements to your products and projects. Much more effective than the classical agile methodology on top of that… Sokak Software provides the SDLC / DevOps services that you need precisely for this!


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