As the Sokak Software Solution Architecture team, we provide services on holistic levels for our customers’ adaptation processes to new technologies. With more than 12 years of experience in the industry and our professional staff consisting of more than 15 engineers, we enable companies to carry out a much more comprehensive technological transformation in terms of their infrastructure, architectural design and business management. We are building more flexible, scalable and sustainable business models by developing the most suitable solutions for the needs and expectations.

Manage your products in the best way by meeting all your needs for technological transformation under one roof.

With more than 15 expert and certified engineers in the Sokak Software Solution Architecture team, we enable our customers to perform their technological transformations in a fast and coordinated manner, without having the need for a different solution partner. In this context, we provide end-to-end service in all of the following areas.

Microservice ve Cloud Native Transformation

Unlike the monolithic application model, the microservice architecture enables the digital products to have a much higher performance and scalable structure. Thus, the development, update and optimization processes of applications and platforms can be carried out, by the user, without an access interruption. By developing cloud-based solutions with the microservice transformation service we offer as Sokak Software, we make it possible to maintain the usability of digital products against all possible situations. By redesigning the infrastructure and various components of applications that is in accordance with the microservice architecture, we ensure a smooth transition to the local cloud infrastructure.

Architectural Evaluation

As Sokak Software, with our experienced architectural team and more than 12 years of experience we have gained in different sectors, we extensively approach the compatibility of the corporations’ existing software systems with their business needs. In line with the architectural evaluation service we offer, we can identify, in all details, the problematic points, possible risks and areas that need improvement. According to the stakeholders’ expectations and market requirements, we create concrete roadmaps by offering the most appropriate architectural solutions in order to implement them with maximum efficiency. In this way, we provide our solution partners with many strategic advantages, especially cost savings and improvement of in-team business processes.

Infrastructure Development and Architectural Consulting

We enable our customers to switch to the most suitable infrastructures for their needs via the ready, easily integrated and customizable flexible modules offered on the architectural infrastructure. By doing so, we enable the tracking and traceability of the transactions executed, and prevent the need for development in each new application for cross-cutting services (such as user management, authorization, logging, exception processing). With the flexible and expandable architectures we offer, we fulfill the most basic needs of our business partners such as high availability, reliability, speed, performance, continuation of the system operations during a malfunction (fault tolerance) and easy integration. With the help of the technological infrastructures selected by our experienced architectural staff, we distinguish between the technical requirements and the application requirements. In this way, we enable the developers to focus on application-level problems. We produce microservice-based solutions, in event-based architecture, for many issues such as retry, timeout, distributed tracing, establishing mechanisms, reducing errors, ensuring consistency, load balancing and automatic scaling (scalability).

Event Driven Architectural Design

Event Driven Architecture (EDA), which has a one-to-one compatible operation with the microservice architecture, ensures that the transactions performed via the platform can be carried out in a distributed manner. This architectural paradigm, which creates asynchronous and minimum latency connections between different components, offers a more flexible and efficient model compared to the traditional architectures. With the high scalability advantage it provides, the EDA-based systems, which can also simultaneously process many requests together, bring forth a more functional structure to applications. As Sokak Software, by developing event-driven architectural designs for application and platforms, with our certified solution architects, we make the inter-team work sharing and process flows more practical.

Domain Driven Design - DDD

Providing a clear solution to the partitioning strategy problem of monolithic applications, the Domain Driven Design (DDD) is gaining more and more importance within the software ecosystem with the spread of microservice architecture. According to this design approach, more than one business area in a single application is divided into breakdowns with different API interfaces. The methodology in question also significantly increases the intelligibility and the interaction levels by creating a common language between the software and the business world. When starting with the domain-oriented design process, the first stage starts with general view and purpose. Then, the design, development, event flow and scripting stages are structured and relayed to all stakeholders. As a strategic result of these, context map and independent units are brought to light. As Sokak Software, we are able to offer the most transparent and practical solutions to corporations when constructing their architectural structures by giving priority to the DDD model.

Servise Oriented Architecture-SoA

The Service Oriented Architecture (SoA) makes the processes of updating and development easy by defining the core services in an application as different components. Thus, in the event of changes in applications, it eliminates the need for the end-to-end integration. With this aspect, it is among the most frequently used architectural models by many companies today. In SoA, the components of the applications are partitioned into large sections compared to the microservice architecture. These are generally divided into six different categories as services, policies, endpoints, contracts, messages and users (service consumers). Within the scope of the Sokak Software Solution Architecture service, we also provide, in addition to the microservice architecture, development and optimization of the SoA-based software applications.

Test Driven Development -TDD

With the high efficiency provided to the product management processes, Test Driven Development (TDD) is one of the most rooted among the software development methodologies that has kept up to date for many years. This iterative approach, in which the software development and testing phases are applied in reverse order, provides a low-error rate and functionality-oriented process management. As required of the TDD methodology, a test scenario is written for a specific iteration first and then the writing process is started afterwards in order for this test to pass. Thus, the quality and speed criteria targeted by Agile methodologies become more accessible at a higher level. As Sokak Software, we guide our customers to shape their software development processes according to the TDD practices in order to increase their product quality and to ensure that they have long-lasting software.