As the Sokak Software ALM & DevOps team, we support corporations to work with new methodologies, advanced tools and systems, and contribute to their progress on digital roadmaps. We develop specific solutions to corporations so that all the teams who were involved in the management of the projects and the product life cycles can be included in the processes together and in a synchronized way. Thus, we lead our partners to comprehensively transform their business and IT processes inclusive of high interaction and automation.

Meet with the ease of fulfilling all your needs for IT processes with a single solution partner.

With the privilege of being Atlassian’s first Platinum Business Partner in the region, we continue our activities in a wide scope. In addition to the customized solutions we offer to our customers via the Atlassian Platform, we also use the Micro Focus ALM products effectively to provide services according to need. With our competence in providing all of the “IT Service Management”, “Project and Portfolio Management”, “IT Governance, Project Risk and Compliance” consulting services, we enable the organizations to move forward without the need for different solution partners. In addition, we support our customers in transforming their corporate culture in a versatile way by providing end-to-end consulting services in the “Agile Transformation” and “DevOps & SDLC” fields as well.

Don’t let the differences in approach in software development operation processes hinder your work any longer.

Experts within the software development and operation branches mainly adopt several different working styles due to the natural flow of their work. While the software development teams have a structure that can focus on changes quickly, the operations managers may tend to act with the priority of stabilization and steadiness. This lays the groundwork for the processes to move forward ineffectively and to be delayed both within the teams and in the eyes of the customer. In turn, the DevOps transformation enables the full implementation of Agile business models in a broader perspective by forming a bridge between the software developers and the applicators. For this, our expert teams conduct a detailed DevOps Evaluation ahead of time and develop solutions that give the clearest answers to the needs of the corporations. This process, which operates as a cycle, enables us to gradually move forward with faster and higher quality outputs, hence with more holistic working models.

Maximize the efficiency in your software development processes with the DevOps solutions tailored for you.

With the DevOps system, which we have developed in the most appropriate way for the functioning of the corporations, we contribute to the reduction of the workload in this area by ensuring the automation of the operation processes. When the possible bug fixes or improvements are completed on the software side, we ensure that the testing processes and installations are carried out quickly, making it possible to return back to the customer in a minimum time. In this way, we mediate the transition to more effective working system by completely removing, from the job content, the operation processes that cause extra time and effort for software teams. Thus, we ensure that the targeted return on investment in the project processes is also achieved.


Do not worry about the unplanned outages and data losses during the development and update works for your products.

With the DevOps consulting service, we provide the automation of SDLC processes consisting of analysis, development, testing and going-live phases. In order to fill the ordinary gaps in the software development and optimization processes, we use the CI/CD (Continuous Integration / Continuous Deliver) pipeline. In addition, with the programs we have developed, we automatically include the “continuous testing” phase in the process, making it possible for all the functions in the production to execute smoothly. With the “Virtualization”, “Containerization” and “Orchestration” studies, we strengthen the system infrastructures and ensure that the countless hardware perform their functions as a single power. Thus, we enable millions of users to complete their transactions, at any time of the day, without any interruption.


Reduce your workload with the automation systems.

With the automation provided by DevOps transformation, we make it possible for our customers to increase their in-house productivity by easing their workload. With the programs we’ve developed to provide automation, we ensure that the necessary guidance can be given to the parties in accordance with certain standards. In this way, we are able to eliminate the loss of extra effort in many areas from code generation to testing processes and quality control.

IT Service Management (ITSM) Consulting

We are developing the ITSM (Information Technology Service Management) solutions, which refer to the planning, management and development of IT Services, so it is compatible with the ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) in the light of best practices. We offer tailor-made solutions to our partners by adapting the Atlassian JIRA Service Management and Micro Focus SMAX platforms to the needs of the corporations.

Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) Consulting

With the consulting services we offer in the fields of project and portfolio management, we provide solutions that will simplify the management of all the processes and products within the scope of our partners’ IT studies. We build customized systems over the Atlassian JIRA and Micro Focus PPM platforms by using the most appropriate methodologies according to the functioning and requirements of the corporation.

IT Governance,Project,Risk and Compliance Consulting

In today’s world, where market conditions constantly change in line with legal regulations, we contribute to the proactive and efficient execution of risk management processes in the IT fields of our partners. With the GRC (Governance, Risk and Compliance) solutions we offer, via the Atlassian Platform, for corporate needs, we offer advanced services for evaluation, design and improvement of compliance functions.

Agile Transformation Consulting

In order for the corporations to increase their speed and productivity capabilities, we identify the most appropriate methodologies, within the necessary measurement and planning studies, and create Agile transformation programs. By organizing various in-house trainings in this field, we lead corporations to develop and transform their skills and cultures. Thus, we ensure that the various other departments, not just the IT units, such as HR, purchasing and finance that are outside of the IT department can work together and in harmony.

DevOps and Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) Counsulting

We perform analyzes and create a DevOps Evaluation roadmap by determining trackable metrics in line with the needs of the corporations. We customize it according to the needs of the corporations by using open source and licensed tools. We provide the automation of in-house processes with the CI/CD pipeline and test framework setups, and ensure that many important steps, such as code software, testing, quality control and security can be carried out quickly and with high quality. We implement the micro-service transformations of the corporations’ software projects by integrating their products that are within the continuous distribution phase with the continuous development/improvement/monitoring phases. We provide installation and management for both virtualized and container platforms.

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